Traffic Tickets  - Civil Infractions


Have you received an infraction for an accident, speeding, running a red light, blocking an intersection, or for a violation of any of the many other civil “rules of the road?”   You may review Florida Statute Chapter 316 for a description of the many areas for which you could receive a ticket!  


You cannot be arrested for committing a civil traffic infraction alone, but losing your case based on your receiving a ticket can have an impact on you, your wallet, your insurance rates and your privilege to drive a motor vehicle.  Driving in Florida is not a right, it is a privilege. It is your privilege and you can protect it! What are your choices, if you get a traffic ticket for a civil (non-criminal) violation?


You have several options:


  • You can pay your fine and the case will be over. However, you will get points on your license. If you accumulate enough points in a given time frame, your license will be suspended.  Here is a link to Florida Statute section 322.27, which describes that law.


  • You can elect to go to traffic school; however, there are a limited number of times you can make that choice and, you still have to pay the fine, pay for the school, take time from your busy schedule to comply with the school requirements (if you don’t, your license will be suspended) and the history of your violation of the statute will still be on your driver license transcript.


  • You can fight your ticket and have a chance to avoid paying fines, suffering points on your license, attending traffic school, suffering insurance rate increases and possibly having your license suspended. You cannot win, if you do not fight! I urge you to fight the ticket.  You can only win, if you decide to fight that ticket!  Please contact this office with the form provided and this law firm will fight for you!

Traffic (Civil Infractions)