Lawyer Letters, Affidavits and Notary Services


Are you in a dispute with someone or a company? Do you own a company and have a dispute with a customer? You may be in litigation or require the preparation and filing of a small claim in court. Arthur Spiegel may be able to help you with these things. Often, however, a well-written letter on a lawyer’s letterhead may help you solve the problem before you have to take it before a judge. Come talk with Arthur about your situation and allow him to work on your behalf!


Do you need to submit an affidavit for some reason? Has a company or an individual suggested to you they want you to sign a sworn affidavit? Generally, an affidavit is a writing by which the person who signs it before a Notary Public is swearing or affirming that certain facts stated within the document are true. The execution of an affidavit could expose the person executing it to civil liability or possibly penalties of perjury, which could be criminal sanctions imposed by a Court. Executing an affidavit is not something to be done lightly and you very well may benefit from discussing the matter with a lawyer before you sign such a paper. Come see Arthur and discuss with him the document you are addressing!




Are you thinking of buying, selling or renting a home or a business?  Are you thinking of going into business with someone?  Are you thinking of doing business with someone?  Are you thinking of starting up your own business? Are you buying or selling a business? These transactions are frequently documented by written contracts. Are you contemplating an important investment or business decision? The time to talk to a lawyer about what your rights and obligations will be is before you sign a contract. Please come see Arthur Spiegel and allow him to review your documents before you make your commitment.  He would be very happy to sit with you and explain the documents that you are thinking of signing or help you draft the contract you want someone else to sign!

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